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Haikus of a Ballerina

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She dreamt of dancing to the music of time

She learned the routine

The clock stopped ticking

She perfected her arabesque, her pirouette

She took her final bow and cried

The curtain never opened

She stepped down from the stage

But gathered the courage to return 

She braved to dance again

The clock ticked

The curtain opened

She woke up

(Artworks by Ferdinand Cacnio)

Dear Kuya

Kuya Daniel Razon

Dear Kuya, with all our heart, we speak

How blessed we are to have you in our midst

A God-sent man, dedicated and meek

And taught with values that the Bible speaks.

Kuya, through your many works of love

We feel the kindness of the One from up above

Through your melodies we are warmly embraced

By God’s mercy, helping us remain unfazed.

Kuya, we are thankful for the one and thirty

Years of your service to God and humanity,

And so, with all our heart, again, we speak

May He use you, as an instrument, continually

To spread hope and to multiply charity

Through your acts done in faith, genuinely.

Dedicated to the learned man who genuinely plays the role of a Kuya (Big Brother) to his fellowmen. This November, he is celebrating his 31st year in service to God and to humanity.

The Travelers’ Chorus


This earth’s pilgrims, wayfarers
Aye, chasing time, here and there
Seizing every opportunity,
Showing they’re worthy dwellers
Of that regal, eternal City.

El Sol y La Luna


He was the East she has longed to hold
She was the West he has never known
The tik’s and tok’s the clock has cried
It was Time who made their tearful divide!


Focus on the vast sky,
Up in the highest zenith,
He is there,
The best inspiration
Us, sojourners, could have.
Look up with trust
Faithfully fight
              The distraction, bafflement                
Of roads, bumpy
And wires, entangled-
It is only for a while,
It is only for a while.
The peace we will have
Up in the highest zenith
With Him there-
We know, it will be endless
We believe, it will be endless.

Keep the faith amid the rain


For the past few days, rain has been the constant company of us, Filipinos. Cups of coffee and greetings of concern give warm to our households.

Little as this may be, here’s a gentle reminder of how we should not lose our faith to the One who can soothe this stormy kind of weather.

May He keep us all safe!

The Great Helper

Sober and staid
Of fear, pain
Steadfast in faith
A Great Somebody–
Is there
To always
Help and aid.

One February Night

 One February night,

She gazed at the sky adorned with twinkling dots

Then streams of tears

          fell from her eyes

That pair of eyes you can’t visibly spot

Where unspoken feelings reside, where deep emotions hide

She started to count those twinkling dots

And realized that like her tears, those she can’t all count

But she knows of a Great Someone who can number

Those moans and cries, those blinks and flickers

With that, all the more she recognized, How great He is! How great He is!

Looking upon the spotted evening blanket

Memories unforgettable flashed in her mind

Poignant, blissful

H ea r t                          and  heartwarming

bre a king,

They spark as the night sky jewels do, giving a gratifying sensation—

At all times- high and low- she was aided by that Great Someone

With Him, she was able to cope; with Him, her eyes are filled with hope

Later on, she again cried, How great He is! How great He is!

And as one star will soon outshine the tiny, twinkling dots

She will always have with her the picture of that evening

When she cried a river of thankful tears

Which soothed away her lingering fears

And if in this world, she’d have to have some more weeping

She would just gaze at that sky adorned with unfathomable wonders

Where tears will be wiped, where pain will no longer be felt

And where eternally, she could shout

How great He is!

How great He is!

How great He is!

The White Wall

On the white wall of his abode,
Hopes, dreams and wishes he once wrote;
Some fulfilled, some not yet,
Some buried in regret…
But, “Always have faith”, that wall showed.