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Ang Dating Daan Celebrates 35th Anniversary with “Truth, Charity, Praise”

The program

The program “Ang Dating Daan” celebrates its 35th anniversary with the theme “Truth. Charity.Praise.” (Photo from Ang Dating Daan’s Facebook page).

The Ang Dating Daan, the country’s longest-running religious program hosted by International Evangelist Bro. Eli Soriano, is all set to celebrate its 35th anniversary this October with the theme “Truth. Charity. Praise.”

The program will hold a commemorative event on October 12, Monday, at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum. The revelry’s highlights will include a roster of praise song performances and a tribute to selected persons with disabilities.

The Ang Dating Daan is produced by the Members Church of God International (MCGI) where Bro. Eli serves as the Overall Servant.

More Than Three Decades of Relentless Truthcasting

A known fact to avid fans, the Ang Dating Daan commenced its humble beginnings as a 30-minute radio program in 1980. Though operating in a shoe-string budget, the program was able to establish a name among the Filipino households with its segment, “Itanong Mo Kay Soriano, Biblia ang Sasagot (Ask Bro. Eli, the Bible will Answer).”

The segment gives the audience the opportunity to ask various questions about faith and salvation, and receive answers straight from the verses of the Bible.

Apart from radio and television broadcasts, the Ang Dating Daan also holds regular worldwide Bible expositions (Photo by Christian Mercado/Photoville International).

Apart from its radio and television broadcasts, the Ang Dating Daan also holds regular worldwide Bible expositions (Photo by Christian Mercado/Photoville International).

In 1983, the program debuted on Philippine television and has since then reached more people who seek biblical truths. The show, which currently airs on public service channel UNTV Life, is also available in other language formats such as English (The Old Path), Spanish (El Camino Antiguo) and Portuguese (O Caminho Antigo) to expand its audience to a global scale.

In its effort to relentlessly broadcast the teachings of the Bible, the show has also received various recognition such as the 2011 Gawad Amerika Awards’ “Best Religious Program” and the 2014 Dangal ng Bayan Awards’ “Best Longest-Running Religious Program.”

Beyond Broadcast, Ang Dating Daan Advocates Charity

Ang Dating Daan host Bro. Eli Soriano is also known as an advocate of public service. Hence, the program and its supporters continuously mount an array of charitable endeavors across the globe.

Among the philanthropic initiatives sustained by the program are free medical-dental-legal missions, mass blood donation activities, clean-up drives, feeding programs, and charity homes for abandoned babies, orphans and the elderly.

The Ang Dating Daan, in partnership with UNTV Life, conducts medical missions for free in key areas around the globe (Photo by Frederick Alvior/Photoville International).

The Ang Dating Daan, in partnership with UNTV Life, conducts medical missions for free in key areas around the world (Photo by Frederick Alvior/Photoville International).

Kuya Daniel Razon, the program’s co-host and its first director, also took inspiration from Bro. Eli and launched programs in line with his advocacy. These include the “Isang Araw Lang” campaign which encourages people to do good as acts of charity will yield no harm.

For the much-anticipated revelry, the two have invited groups of persons with disabilities to grace the event. According to the organizers, financial assistance and special gifts will be doled out.

Honoring the One Behind the Program’s Success through Praises

For Bro. Eli, the program owes its success to God. “Like what we always say, if we are able to do something, and if there is any glory attained, it is always for God – to God be the glory!,” he said in one MCGI thanksgiving service.

Citing Bible verses, the International Evangelist has always emphasized that a way to honor God is to offer Him songs of praise. Hence, the continuous campaign of the Ang Dating Daan host to craft more hymns dedicated to the Creator.

Thousands of Ang Dating Daan supporters rehearse for a special presentation for the upcoming anniversary celebration of the program (Photo from MCGI's Facebook page).

Thousands of Ang Dating Daan supporters rehearse for a special presentation for the upcoming anniversary celebration of the program (Photo from MCGI’s Facebook page).

In line with the upcoming anniversary, Bro. Eli and Kuya Daniel lead the program’s supporters in preparing a special presentation composed of praise songs that highlight the mercy and loving kindness of the One behind the Ang Dating Daan’s triumph over the past 35 years.

There’s More to Music, I’ve Learned from Bro. Eli

Music is interesting and very much enchanting. Words woven with notes, or notes woven with words, or just the notes themselves can tickle your heart and bring about a multitude of feelings. It can touch your mind and launch a thousand memories, even relive a long-forgotten dream.

It has been with us- enchanting us- since time immemorial. Odes to triumph and losses, hymns of love and sorrow, symphonies of bliss and melancholy– men have enveloped a plethora of emotions and themes in musical pieces.

Music’s irrefutable charm has enthralled many, including me, and perhaps you too.  Personally, I have viewed music as a way to connect with others, a way to confirm that “Oh, the writer has the same sentiments as mine”. And as I tried to craft songs too— on plain papers, on edges of lecture notebooks, and on my phone— I realized that it is a wonderful outlet for my emotions.

But, throughout the years, I have learned that music can be so much more than that. Bro. Eli Soriano, a man of music and a much-loved evangelist celebrating his 50th year of service to God  this year, has taught me important things about this well-adored indulgence.

Music, how old is it really?

You have probably come across this question once, in one way or another: How old is music, really? I love music, but I do not know its history, and it seemed quite absurd. Knowing its history can make me appreciate it more, I thought. But for a long time, I have this question left unanswered.  Even the answers provided by the superb searching prowess of Google were not much of a satisfaction. But thank God, one evening, during a music festival’s grand finals night, I was able to hear the answer.

“Music is older than the world and praise songs are the oldest of musical kinds,” Bro. Eli shared citing the Bible verse Job 38:7:

When the morning stars sang together, and all the songs of God shouted for joy?

It was a joy to have a question answered, and I even got a bonus— I learned what was the oldest among all sorts of music!

Why sing praise songs?

Today, one pressing fact is that praise songs are not the ones considered by many as LSS-worthy. Scan someone’s playlist, and more often than not, praise songs are not included. But why? Are there too few artists composing such kind of music? Is there no market for these songs? For whatever reasons that may be brought about, the point is, men have been missing the great bounty singing praise songs brings.

Bro. Eli is always adamant in emphasizing the benefit of making and singing songs dedicated to our Creator’s works and loving kindness. In one musical summit of the Members Church of God International (where he is the Presiding Minister), he revealed that “singing to God is one of the few things that we can do directly to Him. We cannot serve God with our hands. But we can offer him the fruit of our lips, praising His name.”

Below, I share some words that Bro. Eli himself posted through his Twitter account. These are few reasons why we must keep our “devotion of singing and writing songs of praise to God.”

Bro Eli and Music 1

Bro. Eli and Music 2

Through these words, I have found the ultimate inspiration to go on humming praise songs every now and then. Anyway, as what Bro. Eli also told, it is not the voice from our vocal cords that counts— it is that voice from our hearts.

Music, for the benefit of others

Indeed, music, praise songs especially, offers us a grand meed, but it does not end there. Being a philanthropic man Bro. Eli is (he maintains orphanages and an infant care center and regularly mounts medical and legal missions), he used music as an avenue to help others.

Through the proceeds of the albums he made through the years, he was able to sustain the charitable projects he initiated and launched. Aside from the albums that serve as a compilation of his beloved songs, he has also held concerts that nonetheless aid in the maintenance of his public service programs.

With these albums and concerts celebrating good music, I, along with fellow supporters, am also given the opportunity to reach out to the needy alongside having relaxation and entertainment.  Having music icons such as John Claude Gummoe of The Cascades, The Platters, Air Supply and the Asia’s Queen of Songs Pilita Corales, seen live on stage is just one big bonus.

The Platters with Bro Eli

On the stage of the Ang Dating Daan Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga, Bro. Eli Soriano sings with the vocal group, The Platters, during the evangelist’s 49th birthday concert last year (Photo by Jason Consigo).


Bro. Eli released albums ("Dala Kong Nakalimbag", "The Songs That I Love", "B-Side", "Bro. Eli Soriano's Wonderful World", and "Songs from My Heart") not only to share well-loved songs like "And I Love You So" and "La Historia de un Amor" but more importantly, to use the proceeds in maintaining his charitable programs.

Bro. Eli released albums (“Dala Kong Nakalimbag”, “The Songs That I Love”, “B-Side”, “Bro. Eli Soriano’s Wonderful World”, and “Songs from My Heart”) not only to share well-loved songs like “And I Love You So” and “La Historia de un Amor” but more importantly, to use the proceeds in maintaining his charitable programs.

Music truly is a precious treasure for us. Its “magic” has given refuge to men who seek to express their emotions and feelings stylishly, and has provided sanctuary to men who look for sense of belonging, a confirmation that what they feel is universal. More importantly, through the things I have learned from Bro. Eli, I realized how music can bring us closer to God, and how it can bring our charities closer to people.






Bro. Eli

Ingkong, your senescence has taught us how

From our youthful years we ought to meekly bow

Before our Creator, remember Him and with faith,

Growing to perfection, trust Him each of our fate.

Ingkong, those past years, to you He dearly gave,

You spent wisely, to us have this deeply engraved:

Life is meaningful if served with no reservation,

If deeds are done with love of pure intention;

Ingkong, as you go on with your faithful fighting,

We look beyond the horizon with utmost hoping–

The strength to go on, may He continually lend

And may he let us walk with you until the end;

To Him, our Creator, we pray with ardor and fervor,

May we be worthy to reach that blissful forevermore.

This poem is a tribute to a much-loved Filipino evangelist, Bro. Eli Soriano. This man who holds God’s words very close to his heart is fondly called by his friends as Ingkong, a Tagalog word for grandfather. As much as he is a loving Ingkong to his relatives, he is also devoted in his service to humanity. His philanthropic efforts – free education, medical-dental-legal missions and blood drives among others- reflect his care for his fellowmen, notwithstanding their color or religion. Above all, Bro. Eli puts prime esteem to God whom he owes his wondrous journey here on Earth.

On April, our dearly cherished and beloved Ingkong will be celebrating his 50th year of service to God and to humanity. May the coming days bring more fruitful opportunities to this man who has touched and will touch more lives through his works of charity! Happy 50th Birthday Ingkong!

(Photo from Marc Buena‘s Flickr Account)

An Impeccable Replacement

Replace anger and bitterness
With overflowing forgiveness

A Hark Back to MCGI’s 2nd Quarter International Thanksgiving

It was only Thursday last week. I was walking to and fro inside my room, checking in my mental list the things I need to prepare for the awaited Second Quarter International Thanksgiving of the Members Church of God International. Hours have passed,  I found myself amidst a queue at a van terminal heading towards Apalit, Pampanga— a place that has continually witnessed how every quarter, thousands would congregate to celebrate that very special occasion.

As I stepped out of the van after a peaceful one-hour ride, the evening breeze accompanied me until I reached the grounds of ADD Convention Center. Seeing my brothers and sisters in faith all set for the next days’ gathering, I cannot help but be exceedingly thankful. I am grateful that they are still there and I am still with them. We are still, under God’s grace, part of the fold who learned through the leadership of Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro.Daniel Razon that it is an obligation to give thanks.

Even before the Friday sun has risen here in the east, the brethren has already started to settle, and the eagerness to witness the commencement of the awaited festivity has filled the atmosphere. Opening the three-day revelry was a congregational singing and a prayer. As soon as the voice of the Bro. Eli was heard, cheers and applause roared from the crowd. I told myself, this is going to be an experience beyond compare.


Photo courtesy of

From learning the deeper meanings of previously taught biblical truths to the unfolding of new wisdom, we, the congregants were surely guaranteed of delicious sets of spiritual dishes meant to edify our faith. And each time the overwhelming sensation brought by understanding a topic heightened, a thrilling drum roll will serve as our cue— we will stand up and rejoice. It is just right to offer songs and dances of praises to translate the gratitude we have in our hearts.

The glow in our smiles and joyous tears, and the twinkle in our eyes were not bound to wane. As more praise songs and dances were presented, they all the more brightened. As the portion where the story of how our faith has started in the humble Philippine islands and how it reached the foreign shores was narrated, they all the more lightened. Until the last minute of Sunday near-the-midnight hour, they remained.

I admit my words cannot capture all the pictures of that memorable celebration. But I do hope that with this small piece of writing, I was able to share even the thinnest slice of it.

Now, a week has swiftly passed and it is Thursday once again. God willing, eleven more Thursdays and I will be waking up once more to that Fridaywhich will mark the start of another three-day International Thanksgiving. Until then, I fervently wish of everyone’s wellbeing. May God bless us all!

A Cherished Learning: Offering Thanksgiving to God


Photo from

Many years ago, when I was around seven years old, there was one occasion that until now I preciously treasure in my memory box. As far as I can remember, it was the first time I set my feet on the stage of the Ang Dating Daan Convention Center. I was with my fellow children then, dressed in vibrant blue and white dresses and suits, singing and dancing to an upbeat praise song. We were there, offering thanksgiving to God.

Yes, we were young and innocent then, but who says we cannot offer and extend our gratitude to our Creator?

Through Members Church of God International (MCGI) leaders Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon, the children’s ministry called Kawan ng Cordero (KNC) was organized as an avenue for people at the early age for learning spiritual wisdom, and Christian songs and dances. And it was through this endeavor that we were sent to that stage, blessedly saying our Thank You’s to God.

We thanked God for our allowances and delicious meals prepared by our parents for school; for our talents of drawing, singing, and dancing; for passing periodical tests; for the kindest families and friends He gave to us; for adding another day to our lives. Indeed, we thanked God for the simplest reasons.

Clocks ticked. It has been twelve years since that day of thanksgiving. It has also been three years since I was baptized in the Church. In those years, through the spiritual dishes regularly served by Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel, God has let me understand and know the deeper reasons for offering thanksgiving. From the mere fact that I exist to the highest calling of God, I have learned and realized that we have all the reasons to be grateful and let people witness this unending appreciation.

Recounting those years that passed, I cannot help but be humbled. I know, without God’s permission, I could not have set my feet on that stage again in the other thanksgiving programs of MCGI. Without His mercy, I could have been buried in shame because of my sins. Without His loving kindness, I could not have known how to express my sincerest gratitude.

It is a truly a cherished wisdom, the wisdom of offering thanksgiving. Learning this, I am able to do one of the few things men can do for God. And this one-of-its kind knowledge is a blessing that could not be bought by any amount of money. Having this kept in my heart since those KNC days, I know, with all the blessings and tribulations I have, I somehow can repay.

Even though no words can translate what I feel, I still thank God for letting me write this.

The Great Helper

Sober and staid
Of fear, pain
Steadfast in faith
A Great Somebody–
Is there
To always
Help and aid.



“Friends may come and go, but we need God in our daily lives.”

-Bro. Eli Soriano

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Some Secrets to Share

For me, one of the perks rainy days bring is having that time to think about things that have not crossed my mind lately.

Just like this moment. Sitting by the window, embracing the refreshing breeze the rain has just brought, certain thoughts caught my attention. Things like the nearing birthdays of my father and my sister, academic stuff that urgently need my attention, and yes, this blog. I realized I have not posted something for a while now and so I am taking this opportunity to add some lines to my online journal.

As I write this, I hear in my background George Harrison singing, Listen, do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell? (You can go on with the singing, haha!). It tickled my mind and got me into thinking how fascinating secrets are.

Secrets are things that should not be revealed to others, the WordWeb says. But we know for a fact, some of them are brought out and exposed, intentionally or not. I, myself, have kept some and told some. You, too, have secrets and perhaps, would like to know others’.

You may want to know the secret ingredient used to your friend’s mom’s pasta. Or your classmate’s easy technique to memorize the parts of a cell. Or your roommate’s most embarrassing moment. Or your sister’s grade point average. Or some other things that can be answered by one word: Secret.

While some are still untold, here is a list of secrets I find worth knowing, and sharing:

  • The New Secrets of Style. (Girls, this bullet is especially dedicated to you :>) From the editors of InStyle comes a manual of instructions about women fashion. Do you want to know how to dress appropriately in terms of fit, fabric and proportion? Are you in search for tips on how to shop or tailor your garments? Is “googling” not enough to learn ways on how to maintain your wardrobe in good quality? This is the ultimate guidebook to these fashion queries. Have this on hand or visit their website to acquire that skill of dressing smartly—everyday.
  • The Secret World of Arrietty. If you have watched and have fallen in love with Spirited Away or Howl’s Moving Castle, this film is an absolute delight to your eyes. It is a feel-good movie about a secret world of little people. The journey of Arrietty, the main character, is a splendid story of perseverance, friendship and love. The film, being bright and cheerful, is a celebration of purity and innocence and is a sure way to leave a sweet smile on your face.
  • The Secret in Fighting Depression. I know being depressed entails a lot of cost: the cost of being lonely, of not having done some things accordingly because you are troubled, of being agitated and weary. I mean, depression is a big deal, particularly to girls (as one study shows). So, as an advice, here is a must-read article for those who are troubled and dismayed by various matters and whatnot in life. Apart from the blogger’s take on this topic, he has posted other more reads about vital subjects—well-written and thoroughly explained—that will guide you in living this life with a purpose.

With these secrets that I’m grateful I was able to share, I now turn my attention to other more thoughts while listening to the rest of my playlist. Have a great day ahead!