About the Author

With letters she weaves, she writes
On things that might
Not catch your elusive attention right
Away. But here she tries
With the Maker’s help, she cries
Of things she thinks
Are worthy of your read
For they could and might
Somehow give you delight
And make you realize
That the musings, happenings
Least remembered are the things
That make living in this
World wonderful, astounding

Emmy is an economist by education.

Her current profession obliges her to check the Web every now and then, more often lurking on social media sites and on online broadsheet pages, seeing what’s in store for the current news-savvy.

When it is not reading the headline or opinion that consumes her time, you can find her delighting herself with things artsy — music, motion pictures, museums.

Her eyes beam whenever she hears The Beatles.

She loves quiet time. She loves sensible talks, equally. (She’s an ISFJ, after all).

She once dreamt of becoming an architect and a professional dancer.

Her greatest admiration and appreciation go to the Creator whom she owes every opportunity to do what she’s meant to do.