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Haikus of a Ballerina

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She dreamt of dancing to the music of time

She learned the routine

The clock stopped ticking

She perfected her arabesque, her pirouette

She took her final bow and cried

The curtain never opened

She stepped down from the stage

But gathered the courage to return 

She braved to dance again

The clock ticked

The curtain opened

She woke up

(Artworks by Ferdinand Cacnio)

Dear Kuya

Kuya Daniel Razon

Dear Kuya, with all our heart, we speak

How blessed we are to have you in our midst

A God-sent man, dedicated and meek

And taught with values that the Bible speaks.

Kuya, through your many works of love

We feel the kindness of the One from up above

Through your melodies we are warmly embraced

By God’s mercy, helping us remain unfazed.

Kuya, we are thankful for the one and thirty

Years of your service to God and humanity,

And so, with all our heart, again, we speak

May He use you, as an instrument, continually

To spread hope and to multiply charity

Through your acts done in faith, genuinely.

Dedicated to the learned man who genuinely plays the role of a Kuya (Big Brother) to his fellowmen. This November, he is celebrating his 31st year in service to God and to humanity.

Morning Poem No. 10


Standing here, by the lavenders’ nest
Breathing in beauty, sighing admiration
Seeing the sun cresting in the fresh,
Bluish sky — Ah, Inspiration! Inspiration,
You fail never to enfold me every morn!


Bro. Eli

Ingkong, your senescence has taught us how

From our youthful years we ought to meekly bow

Before our Creator, remember Him and with faith,

Growing to perfection, trust Him each of our fate.

Ingkong, those past years, to you He dearly gave,

You spent wisely, to us have this deeply engraved:

Life is meaningful if served with no reservation,

If deeds are done with love of pure intention;

Ingkong, as you go on with your faithful fighting,

We look beyond the horizon with utmost hoping–

The strength to go on, may He continually lend

And may he let us walk with you until the end;

To Him, our Creator, we pray with ardor and fervor,

May we be worthy to reach that blissful forevermore.

This poem is a tribute to a much-loved Filipino evangelist, Bro. Eli Soriano. This man who holds God’s words very close to his heart is fondly called by his friends as Ingkong, a Tagalog word for grandfather. As much as he is a loving Ingkong to his relatives, he is also devoted in his service to humanity. His philanthropic efforts – free education, medical-dental-legal missions and blood drives among others- reflect his care for his fellowmen, notwithstanding their color or religion. Above all, Bro. Eli puts prime esteem to God whom he owes his wondrous journey here on Earth.

On April, our dearly cherished and beloved Ingkong will be celebrating his 50th year of service to God and to humanity. May the coming days bring more fruitful opportunities to this man who has touched and will touch more lives through his works of charity! Happy 50th Birthday Ingkong!

(Photo from Marc Buena‘s Flickr Account)

Morning Poem No. 3


the wintry sigh of the morning
clouds, its eager embrace
with the warmth of the rising
sun, a sight to behold, great
to savvy, seize, this scenery
of beauty and austerity
loudly whispering, “It is
another day, by God’s grace,
for us to live worthily.”

The Travelers’ Chorus


This earth’s pilgrims, wayfarers
Aye, chasing time, here and there
Seizing every opportunity,
Showing they’re worthy dwellers
Of that regal, eternal City.

El Sol y La Luna


He was the East she has longed to hold
She was the West he has never known
The tik’s and tok’s the clock has cried
It was Time who made their tearful divide!

His Awaited Trip


His eyes, bleary and tired
He closed them once to find
For a while some peace
Away from hustles and hurries
He opened them, only to see,
“Oh, I have missed
My most awaited trip!”
He cried, and did he mourn hard!
But the city wind whispered,
“Boy, wait you must,
And worry you must not.
It may be a trip not meant
For you to grasp and take.”
His eyes, once bleary and tried
He kept them open, he realized
“I have learned, faith we must;
Things happen accordingly
To those who believe and trust.”

The Wait

She waits
She looks down
Oh, it sure is lovely,
The scene!
The brightness of beauty,
The yellow and green!

She waits
And at times,
The cold wind visits
And at times, hunts.

It sure is arduous
To fight the cold!
It sure is arduous
To fight the beauty
Of temporal bliss!

But while she is here
She will keep her faith:
The glory of things
Yet to be seen
Is beyond the sufferings
Of the battle she is in.

She knows
She learned
That glory is
Worth the wait.

Ode to The Mountain of Arayat


Mt. Arayat, you have slumbered
Your days from Holocene, numbered
But your Grandeur,
Oh that God-given majestic stance
Your Grandeur,
In its own, majestic way
Makes the weary unencumbered!