by Emmy Borromeo

Bro. Eli

Ingkong, your senescence has taught us how

From our youthful years we ought to meekly bow

Before our Creator, remember Him and with faith,

Growing to perfection, trust Him each of our fate.

Ingkong, those past years, to you He dearly gave,

You spent wisely, to us have this deeply engraved:

Life is meaningful if served with no reservation,

If deeds are done with love of pure intention;

Ingkong, as you go on with your faithful fighting,

We look beyond the horizon with utmost hoping–

The strength to go on, may He continually lend

And may he let us walk with you until the end;

To Him, our Creator, we pray with ardor and fervor,

May we be worthy to reach that blissful forevermore.

This poem is a tribute to a much-loved Filipino evangelist, Bro. Eli Soriano. This man who holds God’s words very close to his heart is fondly called by his friends as Ingkong, a Tagalog word for grandfather. As much as he is a loving Ingkong to his relatives, he is also devoted in his service to humanity. His philanthropic efforts – free education, medical-dental-legal missions and blood drives among others- reflect his care for his fellowmen, notwithstanding their color or religion. Above all, Bro. Eli puts prime esteem to God whom he owes his wondrous journey here on Earth.

On April, our dearly cherished and beloved Ingkong will be celebrating his 50th year of service to God and to humanity. May the coming days bring more fruitful opportunities to this man who has touched and will touch more lives through his works of charity! Happy 50th Birthday Ingkong!

(Photo from Marc Buena‘s Flickr Account)