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Month: January, 2013

Bringing Back the Good Old Days with the Radio through Dear Kuya

Time check: Five more minutes before 10 in the morning.

It is one of those typical Sundays for most people in the city, but for Isabel and Ruben, this is a much-awaited time of the week.

While their neighbors are doing morning errands with a weekly educational television program on the background, these two are getting prepared for that two-hour radio show that never fails to tickle their fancy every week.


Isabel, a freshman college student living cities away from her parents, grew up with the wonders of the radio as influenced by her mother who used to work as a voice talent and program host in one of the local radio stations.

This very Sunday, Isabel is decided to put on the great surprise she planned for her mother’s birthday. She notified her mother to tune in to the show they were always fond of listening to. As the DJ greeted her and asked who she is greeting through this call, Isabel exclaimed, “I just called to say a very happy birthday to my mother. I love you, mom!”


Ruben was touched with the caller’s all-out greeting for her mother’s birthday. He is one of the avid fans of the show. He just loves the idea of not seeing the whole set, leaving everything to his imagination. He even sent a letter to the program, asking for the host to give him an advice on his query. Today, he will be hearing those words he hopes will solve his problem.


The story above is fictional and is rooted from the scenario when the radio was still at par with other forms of entertainment. While the time came when the radio’s glory faded away, some of you could still be a bit of Isabel or Ruben until now, still captivated by the host’s soothing voice, the mellow background music played and by the touching story you can relate to.

And for you, there is good news: a program was born to bring back the grandeur that was radio.

Launched last January 14, Dear Kuya is the latest favorite of the fans and listeners of the UNTV Radio La Verdad 1350, the radio broadcasting arm of the Philippine television station, UNTV.  The show is hosted by the veteran broadcast journalist Daniel Razon who earned the nickname Kuya (Big Brother) after launching several public-service oriented projects, reflecting his personality of being a welfare-looking big brother to his siblings.

Kuya DanielDear Kuya 01

Photos taken from Dear Kuya’s official Facebook account

The program airs from Mondays to Fridays, 9 a.m. until 12 n.n (Philippine time). Every episode revolves around a certain issue that concerns the society (for example, surrogacy). This will be scrutinized using the standpoint of the Bible through the show’s resource person, the well-known evangelist Bro. Eli Soriano.

As the clock strikes eleven, the segment Dear Kuya The Drama breaks in. This live dramatization is based on a story from a letter sender who wishes to seek a biblical solution to his or her problem. The voices of this segment belong to the scholars of La Verdad Christian College (LVCC), one of the projects launched by Kuya Daniel together with Bro. Eli which offers free education to deserving students.

Dear Kuya ends with Bro. Eli giving his Bible-based advice to the inquirer. Being a program that offers spiritual perspective on matters of life, the show is certainly shedding a light to the radio’s comeback to its previous state in the industry. In fact, it now has a captured audience from various parts of the archipelago and of the globe—people who always look forward to listen to the show wherever and in whatever time zone they may be.

So, if you are that Isabel or Ruben wanting to hear once more the marvel of the radio and bring the back those good old days, then turn on that radio and tune in to the 1350 khz. You can also visit their site for online streaming and follow the show’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts for live feed. The choice is at the tip of your fingers. Happy listening! 🙂

A Footnote to Young Debaters

In their bold faces, the blazing fervor to win you will see. In cadence, they move forward, wearing that camouflage of loyalty, that badge of identity- they are their nation’s defenders. Bullets thrown to and fro. With the perfect balance of hastiness and caution, they battle with strangers trying to vanquish the unified principles and ordeals their country treasure.

Days of struggle, nights of alertness. Weeks went on and the scuffle noisily dimmed down. The black birds feasted on the losers’ abode. The winners rejoiced and in humility, with the sweetest tears of joy, they marched towards their beloved motherland, exclaiming how that tale ended according to their wish.

They are soldiers. And you, too, are just like them, young debaters, defenders of firm arguments well-valued by your fellow believers. Worry not if you are in the side of the truth. Before you would know it, you have behind your lips a thousand bullets. With courageous stance, be on your feet before your rival, show your adversary how eager you are to face the fight.

Observe and study the techniques and styles of some of the most successful debaters. Digest their words, learn from them.

Take this case and study: in one of the most memorable US Presidential town hall debates, Bill Clinton impressed the inquirer and the rest of the crowd as he answered this: “How has the national debt personally affect each of your lives? And if it hasn’t, how can you honestly find a cure for the economic problems of the common people if you have no experience in what’s ailing them?”

Here is a clip of how Clinton managed to triumph over this tricky question:

The secrets why the former US President was such an excellent debater were revealed by a former colleague in an article written by Sabrina Siddiqui in The Huffington Post. According to David Mercer, one of the people behind the 1992 Bill/Gore campaign, Clinton was a natural, he always managed to work on his strengths without forgetting to cater the moderator, the crowd and the opponent. Wouldn’t you agree?

Now, not only can you learn debating tips from the political arena but in religious realm as well. For example, take a look on the way Bro. Eli Soriano, a prominent Filipino debater on religious-themed disputes, articulated and defended the biblical principles he believes in in one of his remarkable debates:

Just as how Clinton showed his faith to the American people, you can also see the man’s reliance and assurance on the side he is taking. That is a vital note worthy to be heartily kept. And in a Bible Exposition last Friday, while he clarified the postponement of a debate with a Gospel of Christ pastor in the Philippines, he nonetheless exemplified another note: the importance of always being ready to stand on the side of the beliefs you defend- wherever, whenever.

(For a background: Last December, a Gospel of Christ member participated in another Bible Exposition and later on told that his pastor is willing to have a debate about the oneness doctrine , which states that God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are the same. After some negotiations, the pastor said that he must consult it first to a so-called “council”).

You can watch his other debates here.

From these debaters you will learn how to wear that bold face for people to see that blazing fervor to win, how to put on that badge of identity as your philosophies’ defender, how to throw your arguments to and fro…how to battle with strangers trying to vanquish the unified principles and ordeals you treasure.

With this footnote, hopefully you will see young debaters vital ingredients on how in humility, with the sweetest tears of joy, you could march towards your fellow allies, exclaiming how your tale ended according to their wish.



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To Twitterverse…From Bro. Eli, With Love

As the world welcomed the year 2013, the Twitterverse- the virtual universe of Twitter users- witnessed a shower of thoughtful reminders about the revelry and delightful messages from International Evangelist Bro. Eli Soriano.

The social networking site is designed for the users to send only posts with a maximum of 140 characters. Despite this boundary, Bro. Eli was still able to convey his words of advice and dedications to fans and followers around the globe.

A note on the traditional New Year celebration

Here is an explanation why the Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) host opted not to tweet any New Year greeting.


A couple of life-saving reminders

Because most are still accustomed to the traditional feisty commemoration, Bro. Eli nevertheless provided some precautionary measures to help people avoid meeting accidents.


A guide on putting wise investments

In another set of tweets, he encouraged everyone to invest on services that will benefit the needy. Aside from being a steward of the mysteries of God, he is also an ambassador of goodwill to his fellow.


A touch of love and longing for everyone

As his Twitter followers exclaimed their yearnings and fancies, Bro. Eli answered them with tweets that surely left smiles on their lips. Isn’t saying “I love you all” in different languages a simple yet sweet act?


Indeed, for a man committed to serving God and his fellowmen, sending a number of tweets that will enlighten everyone is worth giving a time. Furnished with sincere love and care for people, let these and his other online mementos serve as guide and inspirations for the coming days ahead.