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Month: October, 2012

As Ang Dating Daan Hits 32, A Glimpse to Meaningful Anniversaries

October. This month marks the Ang Dating Daan’s 32nd anniversary.

Hosted by Bro. Eli Soriano, the Ang Dating Daan, also known as The Old Path for its English-speaking constituents, is the longest running religious program in the country. It is best known for its unique and straightforward way of addressing people’s spiritual queries whereby people from different parts of the globe can directly ask Bro. Eli and immediately get answers from the standpoint of the Bible, oftentimes accompanied with scientific and historical facts.

The Ang Dating Daan’s anniversary celebrations are always fascinating and worth keeping in our boxes of memories. They are always about humility, living up to its commitment, and thanking and glorifying God.

And now, as we await what is in store for us followers, fans, and supporters of the show, take a look at some of the past commemorations of the award-winning religious program:

Filling the Big Dome to the brim

It was a breathtaking, exhilarating picture. The Smart-Araneta Coliseum, more known as the Big Dome, was literally not enough for close to 24,000 individuals eager to witness the remarkable celebration of the Ang Dating Daan’s silver anniversary. It was a night of songs and dances offered to God. It was a night of biblical wisdom. The people were given the chance to ask spiritual queries right in front of Bro. Eli. All were satisfied after hearing heavenly melodies and Bible-based answers.

Ever sowing…sharing…sheltering

The Ang Dating Daan’s 30th anniversary was a different take to how the program celebrates its anniversary. Instead of congregating in one place, its supporters and partners gathered at key points across the archipelago to support a campaign by UNTV (the station where the program is currently aired) called Isang Araw Lang para sa Kalikasan (Just One Day for the Nature). Volunteers from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Climate Change Commission, Bible Readers Society, students and faculty of La Verdad Christian College and the ADD Foundation united to plant and maintain trees as the group’s support to calls for global cooperation to combat the pressing issue of climate change.

Photo taken from

Volunteers from the National Capital Region plant thousands of seedlings in Tanay, Rizal during the Ang Dating Daan’s 30th anniversary. Photo taken by Sophiya Baluyot

An atmosphere of festivity

The most recent commemoration of the birth of Ang Dating Daan on its 31st started with a parade towards the ADD Convention Center in Apalit, Pampanga, a province north of Manila. With all the colorful flags and contagious smiles from the participants, the day of festivity kicked off to a great start, including an awe-inspiring presentation of songs and dances that added excitement. On this event, the people behind the program from UNTV and Members Church of God International acknowledged figures from the private and public sectors for their unwavering support to their campaigns and projects.

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Police Chief Supt. Edgardo T. Ladao, PNP-PRO 3, accepted the plaque of appreciation in behalf of Philippine National Police Chief Nicanor Bartolome during the celebration of the Ang Dating Daan’s 31st anniversary. Photo taken from

Looking forward to the 32nd and to more anniversaries

The story of the program’s humble beginnings to its current status is a wonderful tale of people who found joy in rendering spiritual and public services. Thinking about how far and amazing the journey for the program has been, it is just apt to give a day to celebrate in any way possible and to give the glory to God.

Now that there only few days left before the Ang Dating Daan’s 32nd anniversary, the thrill and anticipation are escalating. And for the opportunities yet to unfold, for the campaigns yet to be done, for the biblical wisdom yet to be heard, we will be looking forward to more anniversaries of the program that touched many people’s lives from the Philippines and now around the world.

A Different Kind of LSS

Caught yourself humming or singing the K-pop hit Oppa Gangnam Style? Well, you probably are “LSS-ed” with the song.

The Last Song Syndrome  or LSS occurs when a portion of a song or even the whole song repeats compulsively, oftentimes unconsciously, within one’s mind. Technically, this is called earworm, a translation of the German word Ohrwurm– a song or a musical piece, commonly with an upbeat melody, that has a strong appeal to people.

Why could you be “LSS-ed”? Catchy lyrics? Playful melody? Or just for the sake of joining the bandwagon? (Sometimes, though you do not like the song, you find yourself singing it because everybody does so).

While that song  is still in the airwaves, while the world is still waiting for the next big hit, some songwriter is probably composing something. The question is, what will he or she talk about? It could be a song about Saturday. Or December.  Or about deeper and more meaningful things like world peace, debt of gratitude for a friend, or for our parents, or for our Creator.

Aren’t you excited to hear wonderful songs with wonderful thoughts? Isn’t it great to cry or laugh because of the relation of the lyrics to your own experiences? For sure, it will be refreshing because those are what the music industry is lacking now. That kind of soothing sensation a new composition brings… when could it be felt again?

Perhaps, a songwriting competition showcasing songs of praises to God would shed a light.

As the end of September was fast-approaching, a big crowd filled the Smart Araneta Coliseum, a multi-purpose dome with an almost-17,000 seating capacity located at Quezon City, Philippines, and witnessed 12 vying songs in the A Song of Praise (ASOP) Music Festival Grand Finals.  For a background: ASOP Music Festival is the perfect, and as far as I know, the only avenue where budding and experienced writers can share with people their musical masterpieces dedicated to giving thanks to God. You may visit their site for more information.


Upper left: UNTV’s CEO Kuya Daniel Razon tells the crowd how grateful he is for the success of ASOP’s 1st Grand Finals Night; Upper right: Gian Magdangal, one of the Philippines’ best voices, renders “Reasons to Believe” by Rommel Arguelles; Middle: International preacher Bro. Eli Soriano of the group Ang Dating Daan emphasizes the importance of singing and offering songs of praises to our Creator; Bottom: ASOP hosts Richard Reynoso and Toni Rose Gayda add vibrance to the night with their delightful lines

With all the cheers from the crowd and the overwhelming feedbacks from the panel of judges,any person present there could not deny the fact that the songs he or she heard were all good, all appealing, all pleasures to the ear, to the heart and to the soul.

More than having catchy lyrics, theirs are very substantial and moving. They serve as little reminders of our obligation to give back all the praises to God. From the simplest to those reasons we could not burst out in words, we must thank God. Just the fact that you are there, sitting and reading this post, is enough to send your gratitude to him. Offering Him songs of praises is a way.

More than the playful melodies, their sequences of notes are resounding, and very much easy to recall. I even found myself humming them days after that night.  And, can I forget to mention that amazing feeling brought by the “magic” of their melodies? It is as if you are already hearing their sincerest thank You’s even without the lyrics.

You can listen to and download the songs here for free, and let your auditory senses (and heart) speak 🙂 Aren’t these songs, these stories, these sentiments more relevant to sing, and share?

It’s high time. Don’t you think these reasons are more than enough to put these songs of praises to the spotlight, and let the rest be “LSS-ed”? Or better yet, let these songs be part of their everyday playlist!