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Month: August, 2012


Restless? In Him you can find ease
In chaos? In Him you can find peace
Weak and tired? Through Him you can cope
In despair? In Him you can find hope

In doubt? In Him you can find certainty
Helpless? In Him you can find safety
Once in chains? Through Him you are freed
You can feel love in His every deed

You are down, He’s there to uplift
Are alone but company He gives
Do wrongs, He’s there to make them right
Live in darkness, He gives you the light

Nowhere to go, He offers home
To thank Him, perhaps, you made this poem
Not enough; lifetime, beyond it
More than words, gratitude, you’ll show it!

This is a poem from my sister inspired by this blogpost. Hope you’d find time to read this; May this touch you, inspire you and move you. Have a great week ahead! 🙂

With A Smile and A Song

Today was supposed to be a typical Thursday morning for Martha, mother to Mario and a twin.

She should have left her one-year-old twin to her mother(who was living with them), and should have sold some bangus  and tilapia to her regular costumers in the market. Her son Mario should have gone to the city’s public high school.

But the rain, which has been her constant company since last night, has not yet stopped.

She did not expect this. Worse, she did not expect  their house to be flooded in just a matter of hours. She was not prepared. They were one of the residents nearby the river who were immediately affected by the rain.

By the time she commanded Mario to prepare some food and pack some clothes, the river has exceeded the normal water level. She knows that, as the flood in their house is now rising quickly. They have nowhere to go; above the ground floor was a roof- no second floor, no attic.

Inside her, she is now starting to panic.

Isa. Dalawa. Tatlo. Hanggang kailan ba ako magbibilang hanggang sa malunod na kami sa baha?, (One. Two. Three. Until when will I count before we drown?) Martha asked herself.

The water is now waist-high.

“Mare! Tara na sa bahay namin, dun na muna kayo, mukhang lulubog na itong bahay niyo sa baha.” (Martha! Let’s go to our house, stay there, it looks like your house will be completely flooded).

Lina, her neighbor, appeared at their door just when she needed someone to help them. She and her husband helped Martha and the rest of her family. Martha carried with her one of the twin, the other was with her mother. Mario had with him the clothes and food he prepared earlier.

Thank God, Martha whispered to herself.

As soon as they entered Lina’s house, they went straight upstairs, stayed there  and patiently waited for someone to rescue them. They held each other’s hands tightly. Martha can feel they were all praying, asking for some help. Martha saw her mother, still quiet, still calm.

For one hour, the sound of silence occupied them. A little more while, at last, they heard a sound of a helicopter. Lina’s husband immediately went to the window, and waved until the rescuers finally spotted them.

That was only the first group of rescuers. Soon, one more helicopter and three rescue boats went to their area. Of course, the media’s presence could also be felt. The children and even the parents from the neighborhood, as soon as they learned there was a television station covering their current situation, immediately went to their houses’s windows and roofs to wave and say some words.

Martha was an exception, but his son Mario, was not.

“Nay, sikat na ako, nakita ako sa TV.” (Mother, I am now famous, I was seen on television).

She just smiled back at her son.

At last, they are now safe.

On the evacuation center were other more families. They looked like a hundred sardines, packed in one small can. But at least, that gave them warmth. Martha again smiled.

The sun should have been setting by now as the dinner prepared by the city officials and representatives from the private sector are being served. After having something for their stomachs and after the very long day, they started to feel asleep. Martha’s mother broke her silence and started singing some song. For the children, it was a lullaby. For Martha, they were those words she needed to hear.

I believe above the storm the smallest prayer,
Will still be heard.
I believe that Someone in the great somewhere,
Hears every word.

With that, Martha has fallen into a deep slumber, waiting for another day to come.

What’s with Variety?

What will happen if you put a panda, a monkey, a tigress, a viper and a mantis—altogether—in one team? Would there be chaos? Would someone fight with somebody? I know, at this point, you may now think of that movie where these varied creatures worked hand in hand to defeat a peacock.

Kung Fu Panda 2 is an awe-inspiring story of a panda and the rest of his friends who saved the entire China from the evil plans of the film’s antagonist. The happy ending of the story was a fruit of the gang’s teamwork. Apart from the cooperation among the characters, one can see the friendship and comradeship they have despite the differences in their appearances.

If I ask you, if you were the writer of the film, what would your characters be? That varied one, or a group of the same kind?

Anyway, what’s good with variety?

There is this concept in economics called love of variety which points out that there is a gain for both the consumers and the producers when goods or products are varied. After all, our tastes and preferences are not identical. Normally, we tend to choose a combination of goods than a large amount of only one good, say, we want to have a pair of shoes and a bag than have either two pairs of shoes or two bags.

Not only our do our preferences vary but we, as individuals, have differences as well. I may be brown, you may be black, or white, or yellow. I may be short, you may be tall; I may have a flat nose and yours may be pointed. These divergences, sadly, lead to discrimination. The world we live in is full of sharp looks and piercing murmurs, as if something is wrong with being what you are.

I came across an article telling how the wedding of a Mississippi couple at a particular church did not push through simply because they are black. According to it, since the church’s establishment in 1883, they did not hold weddings for black people.

Even the market is dominated by the idea that there are ruling characteristics. There are commercials and advertisements about whitening soap, hair-straightening shampoo, and even about “beauty enhancement” surgeries—all inviting you to deviate from what is the natural you.

But, as what I have learned from a Bible Exposition of Brother Eli last July, there is no reason to discriminate or feel like one is superior to the other. The variety our appearances dictate should not be a big issue because underneath our skin, we are all the same. There are biblical and scientific proofs; you may read them in another article Bro. Eli wrote where he answered an inquirer who was asking if God is only a God for the whites. Here is an excerpt:

“Actually, if we are going to peel off our skin, there is a glaring truth that we will discover under our skin: We, the entire human race (black, white, yellow, red, and brown), are all biological brothers and sisters.

We all have the same chemical and biological components that make us human.

Thus, under the light of God’s word, we are all equally important to Him;”

If only all of us would realize this. Imagine if we could just like be the panda and his friends, going on with their journey notwithstanding their physical differences. Imagine if we could just translate the idea of love of variety into something like love of differences among individuals. Or, may be, we should stop imagining and should start doing something.



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