A Birthday Gift

I thank God for giving my sister this day. Today she turns 16 and I want to take this opportunity to share with you a poem she made about faith. This may or may not touch you, but I know she wanted this to be shared with the most people possible. This is my present to her. (You may greet her a happy birthday, too!)

In and out:

Mixing in and standing out

In a world of standards, norms

To and fro:

Running, walking here and there

In a world of bumps and turns

Fore and aft:

Coming first and coming last

In a world of grades and ranks

On and off:

Pausing, later going on

In a world of stresses, strains

Up and down:

Flying, falling then and now

In a world of wins and fails

Amidst these,

Pray first before you frazzle-

There is Someone to help you

Just go on,

Someday you will see the worth

I know there’s life there after!