Some Secrets to Share

For me, one of the perks rainy days bring is having that time to think about things that have not crossed my mind lately.

Just like this moment. Sitting by the window, embracing the refreshing breeze the rain has just brought, certain thoughts caught my attention. Things like the nearing birthdays of my father and my sister, academic stuff that urgently need my attention, and yes, this blog. I realized I have not posted something for a while now and so I am taking this opportunity to add some lines to my online journal.

As I write this, I hear in my background George Harrison singing, Listen, do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell? (You can go on with the singing, haha!). It tickled my mind and got me into thinking how fascinating secrets are.

Secrets are things that should not be revealed to others, the WordWeb says. But we know for a fact, some of them are brought out and exposed, intentionally or not. I, myself, have kept some and told some. You, too, have secrets and perhaps, would like to know others’.

You may want to know the secret ingredient used to your friend’s mom’s pasta. Or your classmate’s easy technique to memorize the parts of a cell. Or your roommate’s most embarrassing moment. Or your sister’s grade point average. Or some other things that can be answered by one word: Secret.

While some are still untold, here is a list of secrets I find worth knowing, and sharing:

  • The New Secrets of Style. (Girls, this bullet is especially dedicated to you :>) From the editors of InStyle comes a manual of instructions about women fashion. Do you want to know how to dress appropriately in terms of fit, fabric and proportion? Are you in search for tips on how to shop or tailor your garments? Is “googling” not enough to learn ways on how to maintain your wardrobe in good quality? This is the ultimate guidebook to these fashion queries. Have this on hand or visit their website to acquire that skill of dressing smartly—everyday.
  • The Secret World of Arrietty. If you have watched and have fallen in love with Spirited Away or Howl’s Moving Castle, this film is an absolute delight to your eyes. It is a feel-good movie about a secret world of little people. The journey of Arrietty, the main character, is a splendid story of perseverance, friendship and love. The film, being bright and cheerful, is a celebration of purity and innocence and is a sure way to leave a sweet smile on your face.
  • The Secret in Fighting Depression. I know being depressed entails a lot of cost: the cost of being lonely, of not having done some things accordingly because you are troubled, of being agitated and weary. I mean, depression is a big deal, particularly to girls (as one study shows). So, as an advice, here is a must-read article for those who are troubled and dismayed by various matters and whatnot in life. Apart from the blogger’s take on this topic, he has posted other more reads about vital subjects—well-written and thoroughly explained—that will guide you in living this life with a purpose.

With these secrets that I’m grateful I was able to share, I now turn my attention to other more thoughts while listening to the rest of my playlist. Have a great day ahead!